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Courtney Pasterchick

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Courtney Pasterchick is a recent graduate from the University of Tampa. She is originally from New Jersey and moved to Tampa five years ago to pursue her degree in Fine Art with a concentration in Painting. Throughout her time at UT she worked to perfect her techniques in oil painting, but wanted to push the limits of traditional art styles by experimenting with unconventional materials in her mixed media work. Some of the more fascinating materials she works with are the use of beer and spray paint combined to create background texture as well as the use of oxidizing liquid copper to create a rusted finish within her pieces. Courtney’s unique approach to painting collides with her traditional realist oil figures allowing the illusion of different dimensions within her work. Although she is commonly in her studio, Courtney’s painting skills go beyond traditional canvas. She is also traveling around the country painting murals and leaving her mark within a variety of communities. Courtney has started her career as an artist with the goal of inspiring others through her work.

Make sure to follow me to keep up with my art journey @courtney_makes_art

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